Goldsmith at Work

I wasn’t shopping for jewelry. I was visiting my chiropractor. But she knew whose sacroiliac joints she was working on, and she said, ‘The daughter of a dear friend of mine makes the most gorgeous jewelry. She’s just launched her collection—you have to see it!’ I thought: I do not need more temptation at this moment.… Continue reading Goldsmith at Work

A Familiar Ring

When I got engaged, sometime in the last century—1984, which really does seem like a distant era—I was presented with the requisite diamond solitaire ring, a one-carat stone in the plainest possible four-prong setting. I can’t show it to you because I eventually got tired of looking at it and had the stone reset. To go with… Continue reading A Familiar Ring


‘Geist’ is the German word for spirit, as in holy spirit. It also means ghost. It means soul. Some jewelry has Geist—an echo of the spirit of its maker or its past wearers. And some jewelry is soulless. The more soulless it is, quite often, the more it costs, as though paying more for a piece… Continue reading Geist